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Do you feel that your garage is a little drafty? Maybe you feel or hear the whistle of wind more than you used to. The reason for this might be due to the weather stripping. You have probably heard this word before, but do you really know what it is? Most people assume that once their Detroit garage door has been weather stripped they never have to worry about it again. In fact, many things can happen to ruin your weather stripping.

Most of the time, weather stripping is added to the bottom of a commercial garage door when it is first installed. Sadly, over time this stripping can start to wear away. It will start to dry out and become brittle. It may also be damaged from lawnmowers, motorcycles, or other machinery driving over it repeatedly. Most likely, you will notice the weather stripping starting to go either by sight or by sound. When it is windy out you may hear a slight whistle to it. You may also see that the weather stripping is cracking or that things are moving inside of the garage when it is windy outside.

If you are looking to replace your weather stripping, you can simply go to any hardware store and purchase a new piece. It usually comes in brown or white since those are the generic garage door colors. They also come with a plastic piece attached to the stripping which you can directly nail into the garage door. To install the new weather stripping you will start by removing the existing piece. Be careful when removing the nails as to not damage the doorframe. Now, you can start to attach the weather stripping by applying the nails straight into the frame. You will want to attach the weather stripping first and then trip it to the right size to ensure it fits correctly. You will also want to attach the weather stripping while the door is closed. This way you will ensure that the stripping is tight enough against the door to prevent wind from coming in.

As you can see, it is really not very difficult to attach new weather stripping. You will want to ensure that you do it correctly though. If you do not attach it tight enough then it is just like not having it at all. It will still make noise and allow things into the garage that you probably do not want. If you have any questions or need assistance in choosing or having the weather stripping installed, you could contact any local garage door service company or a large hardware store in your area.